Annual Food Insecurity Dinner

When: Thursday, November at 6:00 p.m.
Where: The Ewen Room
Sign Up Here (Seating is Limited!)


As part of the regular programming of Poverty and Homelessness Week, the Annual Food Insecurity Dinner will be hosted to kick-start an educated discussion on Food Security and provide time for brainstorming and service planning to address the issues discussed.

The event will be two-fold, based around not only food insecurity in Eastern Kentucky and Appalachia, but also in the Danville-Boyle County area. With information provided by the Appalachian Hunger Coalition and a partnership with two of Danville’s prominent Food security Advocates, Grace Cafe and Sodexo (operating locally out of Centre College), the event will be an educational event that examines the immediate issues of access, health, and safety, as well as digging deeper into systemic issues of policy failure, long-term malnutrition, and the impact of food insecurity on other aspects of people’s lives.



The annual Food Insecurity Dinner of Poverty & Homelessness Awareness Week will be focusing on the Eastern Kentucky and Appalachian region. During this evening, we will be gathering together as a community to discussion the issue of food insecurity with the goal to further educate ourselves.

Interacting with the topic of food insecurity is difficult, but this evening aims to provide a space to do so in a meaningful way, help form a holistic perspective of Eastern Kentucky and the challenges some individuals in the region face, and grapple with our own individual relationships to food and perception of it.

The main goals of the event are also two-fold: Education, by providing the necessary facts, statistics, and correct information to combat myths and stereotypes of the Eastern Kentucky region, and also to inspire local service by providing opportunities for local engagement through Sodexo and Grace Cafe. All members of the community are encouraged and invited to attend!

Centre sophomore, Bonner Scholar, and Poverty and Homelessness Week Committee Member Anna Bushong will be the main facilitator for the discussion. Anna’s involvement with food security and the issues that stem from it began when she arrived on campus; she has worked with New Hope Food Pantry as a group leader during last year’s Centre Service Day, and since then has served as a service organizer and intern at Grace Cafe throughout the school year and summer. In September of 2018, Anna was elected to the college chair position on the Board of Grace Cafe where she serves on a regular basis.

P and H Week Anna
Anna Bushong

If you are interested in being more involved, have ideas, or information, they can contact Anna Bushong at

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